Spray and pray

Lately, every time i do a wedding i seem to run out of time to photograph anything.

and the spray and pray method is adopted.

Like a trigger happy paparazzo.

Working on the principle that at least one image might be decent. Not in this case. Tears.

but then you get a tweet from Tori, who took the pro pictures, and all is well with the world.

Also we made ice lollies. One side is fat free Greek yoghurt, agave nectar and crushed blueberries

the other side is gin and tonic.

and homemade pizza, finely sliced courgette, ricotta, cherry tomato, golden marjoram and rosemary from the garden.

I have cracked open the summer dresses and Grecian sandals now, so this weather better stay.

and Monaco wasn't the most exciting race ever was it?


Tori Hancock said...

The race was so dull - wasn't helped by me having too much sun and white wine spritzers.. may have fallen asleep for most of it!

Thanks for the link and I love your photos!

Janet said...

oh these photos make me sooooo happy, amazing colour x

flwrjane said...

How did I miss this post? Must have been writing in pain somewhere....I don't know what I'd eat first, the lollies or the flowers.

xo Jane

the quiet murmur of gentle things said...