we've both got so much to lose
but here in your arms it's heaven
i can wait for you now but not forever
 i was surprised by how happy i was
don't ask why it's just because
down by the harbour in the dawn
it's not a star it's a satellite
the thought of it keeps me from sleeping
or am i already dreaming?

Do you know of Allo, Darlin'? it's what i call Super 8 music.
The soundtrack to sunny days, with bicycles and straw hats and picnics, a life lead on Super 8. although the video is actually freezing cold London

Carnations, and fabric that isn't CK, and some birds, and a message in a bottle, and a pewter hound.
and an open gardens with chickens and peaches, and step over apple trees, and standard wisteria, but it was the scent of of the honeysuckle that had me. Simple pleasures, a reminder of my late grandmother. 

Top tip, when leaving an open garden, and you bid farewell to the owner, and he asks if you liked the garden, don't say

" yes, i would love to cut it all down and put it in a vase"

I will never forget his look of horror. Gardeners and florists are so very very different.

and Dave and Julie came from Leeds to meet The Hound.

For once he behaved, and did his 2 tricks.

Sit and paw, that's all he does, we will never win Britain's got talent.


Tracy x said...

..two tricks more than my useless band of no good hounds...
congrats to the outstanding performer x

Raye S. said...

You garden story reminded me of my first trip to Ireland, and how us not so often tea drinkers from America are different in the land of tea drinkers.

First night there I had tea with my friends, I didn't drink it all, we went to bed; next morning at breakfast I was asked what I wanted to have with the meal. I said "Oh I'll just reheat my tea." and the look I got must have been something like the one you got. It looked like I'd just said I wanted to eat kittens or something.

Dave said...

A pleasure to meet you both. Hope the M and S treats are proving useful for doggy bribes.

Mrs Beard said...

How dare you nearly make me like carnations.


Mrs T-J said...

I love that Garden, I loved your comment, I could never be so quick witted in the moment. like that.

Aren't Sandra and Jonathan Genius? Much like yer'self Miss P.

It's all your fault, getting nowhere fast today, I go away for 11 days and you go blog bonkers, done nothing else but read, oohh arr, chuckle and miss xxx