Flower School

I must learn to take more photographs

I love that everyone leaves with confidence, baskets of flowers and wearing a head dress they made themselves.

Laughter, Pinot and pizza shared along the way.

Details of other courses are here, more dates will need to be added to satisfy demand, so email if you would like to come along at some point, and we'll work something out.

and yes, there is always a head dress.

amongst the chatter of life and loves, there was talk of how wonderful it is to just do something completely different for the day.

I would love to do something creative for the day that didn't involve flowers or weddings.

I have a hankering for learning how to turn wood.

Probably after watching this. 

I am open to suggestions, Miss P. does........

a lot like that column in Tatler years ago.

Don't say Dallas.


Bow Street Flowers said...

I throw clay once a week ...I'm terrible at it, but for three
Hours a week I'm not thinking about flowers. My dearest friend took a wood turning class where she made a small bowl, and still speaks wistfully of taking another.

Becca said...

No idea what I would do if I didn't do what I did. Just reminded me that I do what I do and I must email CB1. Will do it tonight

Flower school looks fabulous. I eagerly await my Class. I Will lie in the corner and bemoan the fact I Will be 30.

Mrs Beard said...

Miss P does....a job swap with Mrs Beard? Please?

I do my creative writing and Psychotherapy courses in my spare time.

Scribbling and Dribbling.

flwrjane said...

How pretty are your students.

Becca isn't 30 yet?

I fear I will be the oldest

bridesmaid in your wedding.

But if someone would make me a flower crown I might look younger.

Miss P. writes a book?

xo Jane

Kate in the Clouds said...

Miss P does a Jessie Chorley Workshop...

Sue A said...

My lovely friend Karen does glass fusing courses (just for one day) in the highly covetable workshop in the pristine garden of her house. With chickens. Jealous, qui moi? www.heartsofglass.co.uk for details....