I've been living in a state of dreaming


Summer flowers are in full swing.

All colour and highly scented like morally loose women.

The temptation is too much for my poor customers.

sometimes i feel like the woman out of Chocolat or a pimp



Bow Street Flowers said...

a flower Pimp! I love it!

Mrs T-J said...

I am so over Gerberas, xanths, carnations, heads of Hydrangea and ugly ornamental exotic plants - no clue to what they are called.

I have had no desire to buy flowers here at all and I love them so.

There truly isn't anything more beautiful than British Summer flowers, how I would have appreciated you so much more, had I have known I wasn't going to be able to see you and linger at your scent...............sigh.

Thank you Miss P for my fix. xxx

JustJaneGrace said...

That's what summer is all about - I love it!