What a fortnight.

I'm not even sure where to start, at the beginning might be sensible, but who likes sensible?

So instead at the end, Lewis won the Canadian Grand Prix, what a race, what a different driver to the end of last season. Cool and calm and collected. My heart was in my mouth when neither Vettel or Alonso showed any signs of pitting.

There was a jubilee, i worked everyday, but managed to get to one party and gatecrash another.

I filled 102 white pots, and got to work with 2 of the loveliest people i have ever met.

and we got rained on.

a lot.

and i wore completely the wrong outfit, and for continuity had to wear it again the next day.

but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Royal masks seemed to be de rigeur, i find them a little scary, but Prince Harry on the end is brilliant.

It was only a week, but it seems like a lifetime ago now.

Have you dried out yet?


Lotte and Bloom said...

whoever thought up the masks must have made a bloody fortune. we're clearly in the wrong biz...

am particularly adoring that arrangement second from bottom on the left. tres bon.

Amelia said...

You're right, Prince Harry looks quite authentic...Philip on the other hand is scaring the hell out of me. The Hound looks very royal, but then again he always does. Beautiful flowers and pics, as always.

KELLY said...

it's the eyes or rather the holes that scare me. harry looks good though. great angle!

my toes are still cold. i am not thinking good things for june. soup weather. please let july be warm again.

your latelies look great and i love the balloon tree. there should be more of those and not just jubilee themed. x

Wellies and Vogue said...

He drove SO well - and he really deserved it as he's just been a different driver this year.. couldn't believe back right dude nearly messed it up again in pits.. such a good race!

x x x x