1 bunch 10 vases

A Ronseal post.

Hollyhock, peony, amethyst astilbe (where have you been all my life?), crocosmia, sage, poppy head, Vuvuzela rose, eremurus, asclepia.

In 10 different style vases.

We are using the term "vase" loosely in this post.

It's not Pop Idol

but you can vote for your favourite if you like.

Lines close tomorrow.


Freda said...

I like the invisible vase! Does show how important the container is though...

Mrs T-J said...

I like the shiny coppery coloured one, a real contrast. But I always go for a bit of bling! xxx

Bow Street Flowers said...

Do you REALLY still have peonies? Where are MY peonies?

Becca said...

This is a trick question. The only correct answer can be 'in your hair'.

cara said...

that's the most beautiful bunch of flowers in all of the world.

(The milk glass.)