dolce far niente

After Christmas, everybody blogged about how lovely it was to have a digital detox, to just be, to eat a meal without photographing it first, to live in the real world instead of a virtual one.

6 months on, we all forgot, and the tweets that shout

"I'm sooooooo busy" "I'm working on a the most amazing wedding ever #dontlookatme" "I'm so creative"

followed by 27 exclamation points continue.

an endless need to let everybody we are working through the night because we are SO successful.

"Doesn't it just show that they are bad at time management and don't have a life?" said a man.

I could have kissed him, actually I did.

sometimes a weekend of doing absolutely nothing is the best medicine.

I still have a patch, a black one, more bond villain than pirate if you please.

and people that watched the Olympic torch relay, did you have the grandmas on shopping trolleys too?dancing to Mark Morrison? They were the best bit.

also the film suggestions were brilliant, a start has been made. Paris when it sizzles was first up.


sarah-jane down the lane said...

I'm a bit confused about the patch thing...are you something to do with River Song?
Also the BBC adaptation of My Family and other animals starring Imelda Staunton and that Ohmid chap should do the trick...I would wink but I suspect you might not appreciate it!

Sarah -x-

flwrjane said...

My last comment was returned to me.

Am I not busy enough for you?

I'm really not I've been on vacation.

Did you poke yourself in the eye?

xo Jane

kat flower said...

i fancy myself to be quite judicious with exclamation points. don't want to be careless...