dos gardenias

Actually it's tres, but Buena Vista social club didn't write that song.

They are mini gardenias, an idea for teachers' presents.

Teachers' presents are a thing in this country now too.

The old terracotta gives extra lifestyle points.

Gardenias are sometimes used in weddings, probably better to wire them, otherwise the bride will look like she walked down the aisle clutching a pot plant.

wtf  question mark exclamation mark

and i have found somewhere to buy a parrot, I like the look of the Macaw in large. something traditionally piratey.

shiver your timbers



Becca said...

I think I would like to wear a Gardenia in my hair. They smell right?

You know I only have flowers that smell.

N.B. That does not include Gyp which smells of wee.

KELLY said...

and how did jj get to look so ordinary? can somebody tell me? perhaps i need to see more photos...looked like a strange wedding.

teacher gifts. oh dear should i start with handmade as i mean to go on or just send in a bottle of gin?

lucky stamford teachers. have you sold many pots? x

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Gardenias make me think of Billie Holiday - I discovered her when I was a teenager and remember being impressed by the fact that she always wore a gardenia in her hair.

Red Boots said...

I have a pet parrot - an African Grey. You most likely should get a parrot. Ours says rather nice expletives, and sometimes combines two swear words into one new unique one - "fu-cock" is a particular favourite of hers.

You can rescue a parrot here - http://www.parrot-rescue.org.uk/ - but be warned - it is heartbreaking and you'll end up wanting to adopt about fifty birds rather than just one! Here's their list of companion birds - http://parrot-rescue.org.uk/Parrots/BirdlineParrotRehoming/LookingforHomesCompanion/tabid/59/Default.aspx


Young Blooms Florists said...

I couldn't agree more with Becca, gyp does smell of wee!! Why the heck to Brides like it?? Gardenias tick the stylish stakes much more!

Heather said...

I have a parrot chewing holes in my shirt as I type this.
Parrots are evil. At least mine is ;P