I like your lips like I like my coca-cola

how it pops and fizzes.

 Diet Coke obvs.

This is Danielle and Adam, the consultation went a bit like this.

Danielle "Please will you do my wedding flowers, whatever you think really sort of pink and coral"

Miss P. "Yes please"

Danielle "Do you happen to know any wedding photographers?"

Miss P. " You should speak to Tori. you know, the one with the blog, wore a headress that day."

and that's how it happens.

Photographs by Tori Hancock, more of the wedding ici.

You could get married too, I'll do the flowers, Tori can take the pictures and Danielle can do the styling. That's not what she does, but she should.

Also, it's too hot today, hotter than the Sahara apparently. This is England. We don't do hotter than the Sahara, we have pale complexions and freckles and no camels.


Jen said...

I am tired of using the same old superlatives, but the flowers you did were gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. Thank you.

Sue ~ Granny's World said...

stunning flowers as usual, and yes its too hot

domestikate said...

Oh my goodness, Danielle's fringe is amazing. Lovely flowers too of course!

Mother Hen said...

Adorable, stylish, romantic and colourful, what a wonderful wedding. I have been keeping cool in the dappled shade by the stream but then my usual verve took over and I was raking weeds and nettles out of the bankside

Robyn said...

gorgeous flowers

Caro said...

Love Love the flowers! So agree that Danielle should be doing styling. Also of course agree about Tori but then I might be a bit biased!
As for the weather when I was young many moons ago, the British summer was warm with the occasional rain.It was harvest fields, milk rounds (Dad was a dairy farmer with his own round we had to help) playing in rivers, fishing, bike rounds and the beach where you could get crabs big enough to take home for tea. This year we've had so much rain that my kitchen has been flooded twice and the farm looks like a marsh and then this week has been so hot that you can't do a thing although I did spend a brilliant day on the beach with my grandson and granddaughter a day of memories.What a summer of contrasts. Still at least we can start getting the hay in thank goodness and its the Olympics!!! Loved the ringing of the bells this morning the British coming together which we always do so well, please note Mr American Romney!
Have a good weekend although I expect you are busy. Love Caro xxx

Anonymous said...

did someone say a relation to Claudia (she of the eyeliner & fringe awards) Winkleman? One stylish wedding. Colours and flowers sublime Miss P.