Lately, and no in particular order


Eye patches 3
Pots of Copydex 1
Number of times sniffed pot of Copydex too many
Bottles of wine 1
Shots of Espresso 31,400
Boden dresses worn 0
Nutty wholefood salads from M&S 6
Inches cut off hair 2
Times watched Olympic Opening ceremony all the way through 2
Hours spent watching 'lympics lots
especially the male swimming events.....
and the sailing
Churches 3
Times cried 4
Times giggled numerous
Times contemplated stopping blogging a few
Photographs taken of The Hound 39
Invitations to parties declined 3
Invitations to parties involving Freddie Flintoff declined 1
Flower of the moment digitalis

Number of private jokes in this post 1

How the devil are you all?


Tracy x said...

lovely to see you back..

one question..
how on earth can a lawn be so neat and beautiful with a hound on it?

my unruly lot would have raced and churned it up in seconds...

lawn envy

t x

Miss Pickering said...

It is the lawn of The Mother Hen and The Captain.

We stayed there for a couple of weeks.

The Hound scarifies it for them......


KELLY said...

i am good thanks. but where did july go?

i like your lately list. oh copydex. how i love to peel it from my fingers.

opening ceremony...tremendous.

very lovely photos. and you never fail to make me smile. please keep a-blogging.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Please, please, don't stop . . the number of espresso shots would seem to be what's keeping you going but there is a distinct lack of cake in that list. Maybe that is the problem? Or maybe the lack of Freddie Flintoff.
Mine is too much cake and no coffee.

Becca said...

Also lately:

Number of times wondered whether Miss P had been swallowed by blogging black hole - 2

Number of times wondered if just had been banned from ANOTHER blog and just didn't know - 2

Number of times thought need to get hair cut - 5

Number of pairs of skinny jeans tried on - 8

Number of times cried in changing rooms - 8 (see above)

Number of times wondered if should have orange as wedding colour - 3 (its CATCHING)

Number of tax rebates - 1 (thank you HMRC)

Number of holidays to New York for 30th booked - 1 (with a de-tour to the Cape. Can you ask Mother Hen what I should wear as I get the impression she is a Cape Cod kind of gal?)

Number of times wanted to quit job - 2

Number of times been dissapointed by hot swimmers talking afterwards - everytime

Number of times been asked to leave the room because talking about how hot swimmers are - 1

Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I recognise this, fallout from "The Wedding Season." My hugs to us emotionally and physically drained floristas everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop blogging! Your photos and humor brighten my day.

sactovlr said...

Don't stop blogging - oh no!
Olympics - addicted. But why are male gymnastic athletes so short? PS - GB was robbed! Our USA guys- epic fail!
Speedos - some of the divers make me blush!

Becca said...

Also....number of times thought Olympic flowers were crap and small - 3

flwrjane said...

Not to rush in and make this all about me Becca BUT wasn't I just on vaca on the Cape?

Blue/ white striped tshirts, white jeans ( try on in slightly larger size, no need for tears)cute sundresses and flip flops, straw fedoras, lots of bracelets on one wrist, I ramble.

As for you Miss P., I thought you were off on a secret holiday with a admirer.

Every photo is my favorite.

Stop poking yourself in the eye, you're far too important to us.

xo Jane

Heiress Emma said...

Oh no, you can't stop blogging! No way! I am planning a trip to England to come and visit your lovely florist shop (amongst other things, like going to a wedding or something) - purely based on your wit, charm and photos on this blog.

Janet said...

No way , you can never ever ever stop blogging, you would not believe how much joy you bring to my days. I have given up twice and come back twice for the encores, I thought about giving up again about 300 times this week because owning a gallery in a seaside town and trying to keep up with every other sodding thing is a nightmare but reading your post tonight sums up everything great about blogging humour, a voice, the world is a much smaller place with all us bloggers around and a whole lot more interesting for us nosy folk. From one stalker to another and another and another, cos we all are really..... don't go xxxx

Mrs Beard said...

Do not stop blogging.

Do carry on being a(n evil) genius.

I agree about the swimmers and divers but HELLO MALE GYMNASTS. Good lord, they make my undercrackers shake.

Shall I speak to my friend who does the Boden PR and see if I can rectify your dress situation?

bethsp said...

Don't stop blogging! I'm from Australia and I adore reading your blog. Beautiful flowers plus brit humour brighten my day. And yes I agree with Becca the Olympic flowers are completely underwhelming. I expected far more from the land of roses, spring bulbs and cottage gardens! Miss Pickering how about you show us what you would have created???

sactovlr said...

more on olympic swimmers....in line with the same thought process...thought you would like: