Night swimming

deserves a quiet night


I have rediscovered the joys of a swim, especially at night time with the lights.

I am practising for when i relocate to the Somalian Coast, when I'mma steal all the gold.

and new business cards

and a rose called Secret Garden

because my surprise is a VIP ticket for Sunday yes?  x

I don't know that i like the rose,the colour isn't quite right, but it is the size of a tennis ball,

Next week there are things involving tree trunks and enoki mushrooms and Freddie Flintoff.

and according to all sources, tomorrow we will be singing this. 

Yes please.


Unknown said...

One of my many favorite REM songs. Recklessness and water.
I think eye-patches are becoming quite fashionable. (Or at least you make them look so.) :)

Sprout said...


Mrs T-J said...

I agree I am kind of thinking when the eye is healed perhaps the patch should stay, you rock that patch Miss P!

Lovely business cards and I assure you the rose is quite sublime!

It isn't raining men in Melbourne. There are 1.2 million single women to 85,000 single men according to a new survey. ooooh that sounds like alot of cats wailing to me! xxx

jessica daisy said...

http://hastingspirateday.org.uk/ see you there!

Mrs B said...

I am very jealous of your swimming establishment. Is that a limestone edge? I've been taking the bump swimming. No underwater lights or mosaic tiles there sadly! xx

KELLY said...

sgp? that is just over 5 miles away from our back garden. i am hoping to hear kt tonight in the air...sadly didn't fall in to the local cheap ticket club so just keeping the windows open :( i am jealous if you go! have fun!! xx

Valley Flower Company said...

I like seeing your face...especially with a patch. <3