Leaving on a jet plane

Flowers for a party, please note inclusion of gliders and biplanes for post prandial frolics.

Got to love a man that gives good stationery. If you click you will want all the things.

and it turns out that you can use Matzo meal as a stuffing for les poussins.

Add pine nuts, chopped fig, herbs, tahini an egg to bind et voila. Stuff their little bellies, and sit them on  a bed of any leftover. That way the sticky bits in the tin will be amazing.

This recipe was brought to you before an eye doctor told me to not eat carb, sugar or alcohol.

People have said, look on the bright side, you might be one-eyed, but at least you will be THIN.

Also i am looking up the name of the dahlias, and will report back.


Becca said...

I love the flowers. Very manly. Miss P triumphs again (triumph being a car but it sounds plane like)

In other news are you not allowed alcohol AT ALL? What if the Dr never finds out?

Jen said...

I love how playful you are with your flowers and shop.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Being thin isn't all it's cracked up to be. Your Dr. sounds like A Bastard but probably knows what's good for you. Alcohol I can live without but no carbs?
Matthew Cox Antiques site has been pinned to hell and back - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

miss pickering I was just about to recommend your blog to my friends young florist neice but find it full of dog. Nice as he is it took several clicks & some irritation to finally reach flower business & inspiration...mmm I wonder what you are now hyacinth or hound?