Deep river woman

I have become a very dull person.
Do a wedding
crawl into bed
Clear said wedding
Watch the Olympics
Do a wedding
Crawl into bed
Clear said wedding
Mars landing

We are third in the medals tables, only behind USA and China, this is a thing of awe and wonder for such a tiny country. It is said that the whole of GB can fit inside your average American Walmart store or is it the state of Texas? Either way. hooray for us.

Especially Mo

and Michael Johnson as commentator I could listen to his voice and wisdom all day long.
but not John Inverdale.

It is safe to say i am obsessed with the Olympics, you see Miss Ainsworth (P.E. teacher L4-U6) I do like sport. People are blogging and tweeting that it has inspired them to run or cycle, good for you. The reality is is i have 6 windows open watching the BBC frantically searching for the next gold. Like a crack addict, i want more, silver and bronze will not satisfy my cravings, desperate for more Hollywood endings like Mo Farrah in the 10,000 metres.

and when they fail and the microphone is shoved in their tear stained faces and they cry "I've let down the nation" i cry with them, but a little part of me shouts "yes, you have, you should have run faster"

I am a terrible person.

Also if you are the boss of sports at a school, or a parent, you need to be shouting at your children to do well, no more it's the taking part that matters attitude, we want winners, and judging by the fact that a lot of our athletes are retiring, we are going to need some fresh blood for Rio.

The Hound is on the street now, running the 100 metres time and time again until he gets sub 10 seconds, but I'm not sure that counts?

Also Lionel Richie


Becca said...

Good news. I am going to Rio for either sailing or the hepthalon. This is mainly based on the fact that (a) how hard can lying on the side of a boat be? and (b) they are thin but not too muscly.

Can the captain lend me his boat?

The other good news is that I am looking for a crew. Not Jane because she is not Go Team GB. Sorry.

The 'Lympics become my life too except there are no weddings in between the gold. At the weekend we contemplating ringing a taxi to bring more wine and milk because we didn't have any and Jessica Ennis and Mo were on. In the end we went for champagne which we stuck in the freezer for 30 seconds to make it not cold at all.

I am regretting not getting any tickets. I should have applied for more.

Its not just you either. And I hate it when they say "she is just so young" or "he is just 18". I DON'T CARE. They shouldn't be there if they can't hold their own. See....also a horrible person.

Tracy x said...

i fear i may be even more horrible than you..

i am perhaps the only one on this entire island of ours that has not watched one bit of the big O...

not one bit

i have zero interest and could not care less if they run, swim, jump well or not

see, i am a horrible person

my p.e teacher was right..

what can you do?

t x

Mrs Beard said...

We flick between all windows and the red button. Obsessed.

Every time someone wins or loses we (both) cry.

I also scream abuse at the ones who are 'slow'. Mr Beard swears at the telly a lot.

We are off to see the diving in real life on Thursday, must remember it is Not Telly if they do badly and button down lips.
I don't want to be collared out of the LimPick park.

Mrs B said...

I was lucky enough to be there on Super Saturday. I cried in the velodrome. I have changed the shop radio onto 5Live (it's the sport one Jane) and actually cried in the shop today. I don't even like sport.

I'm considering the 3 day eventing for Rio. Surely you know someone who can lend me a horse Miss P?

LouLou in Paris said...

The French commentary leaves a lot to be desired! I imagine the British commentary is a lot sillier, funnier and jubilant (although France is behind us on the medal table, so that may be the reason for the general lack of enthusiasm!) We have some pretty inspirational athletes out there - I hope Ennis does Rio and then retires! I feel less dedicated than you though, i'm not crying if someone loses, i'm just very very proud when someone wins! I need to get into the game more!

Mother Hen said...

That child gets more and more beautiful with every photograph and pleased to see that "little cheese" is still being devoured. So much more sophisticated than Dairylea, don't you think? Whatever shall we all do after Sunday? xxx

Anonymous said...

Love watching the Olympics! But you are right, glued to the tv makes us very dull! Must say, that yes, though UK is a very small country compared to the Us, you have had many more centuries to get it right, and get it right you have!