Bridal flower school and jam jars

over the past few flower schools, people have come from so far away they have had to fly. It is truly amazing. They are also always the loveliest people. I am one happy florist.

I start by saying if you want to do your own wedding flowers you are a crazy person, but also that the skills you need to make bouquets or table centres or buttonholes aren't hard.

other florists don't like me for saying this.

but it's true

the hard part is knowing what to put together
and how many to buy
and when to buy them
and where to buy them from
and the mechanics
and knowing how long it takes
and knowing that flowers are water and oasis are really heavy
and that sometimes you only have 15 minutes to set up tables
and it's always a long walk from the van to the church door
and the MOG or MOB will always change their mind on the outfit/ corsage the day before

My top tip for DIY weddings is to start with beautiful things, then you really can't go wrong.

and if you are filling jam jars, please, just fill one opulently, rather than fill 5 with the odd stem......


Carolyn said...

Oooh! I'm famous. Thank you again for a wonderful day Miss Pickering. And I can send the link to my husband as proof that I wasn't off having a triste with a farmer. No need to tell him about the tall dashing blonde gent present who I had my eye on...

JustJaneGrace said...

Beautiful, of course! Hmmm...flying for a day from California....maybe!

Heiress Emma said...

Hear, hear. Wise words. (and I hate jars with one flower in too)

megan said...

I always say flowers start out beautiful, and you have to work pretty hard to eff that up. Not that some people don't manage to do it anyway.