Only surround yourself with people that make you happy

Someone said that to me lately, it would appear that this bride and groom already knew that. Did you ever see so much joy in one room?

you have unwittingly been following the progress of this wedding
the sending out of the proposal 
the mock up
and then the installation.

but of course it took the talented Mr Nick Tucker to shoot the good bits, the bits with actual people in them. Actual people having the time of their lives.

Yesterday was a joyous flower school where amongst many other things we discussed the pros and cons of being a fleuriste. This wedding is a big pro, waking up at 3am this morning worrying about roses not so much, but a nice man from Holland listened to my ramblings diva demands and then told me to go back to sleep.

nothing else i write will be taken any notice of, because here is da link to the rest of the wedding.


Becca said...

I like from NYC. We are still on for flower school next Monday yes?

flwrjane said...

I am trying to surround myself with Becca but I can't find her personal email address only work.

And she's not at work now is she?

Could someone pleeeease email me her address.
I would be pathetically grateful.

xo J.

Becca said...

Oh Jane!! Miss P, could you please pass Jane my hotmail.co.uk address? x