Press day at Easton Walled gardens.


I get invited to a few press days to which I normally reply

"Thank you kindly, but I'm not an actual blogger, I don't have a pro-photographer or a make-up and hair artiste that follow me around everywhere I go, nor do I have Instagram"

But when Ursula from Easton Walled Gardens telephoned to say I should expect an invitation to their press day, I was delighted. Mainly because there was a lunch, but also it meant that my ringing her every week to see if she was allowing marquees on the lawn yet, hadn't entirely p'd her off.

and there were lovely gardening types there, who talked animatedly about soil types and poly tunnels and I nodded politely and drank Prosecco and ate Pavlova.

and then like after all good press events, there were a myriad of highly informative blog posts about the history and the planting and all that shizzle.

and the internets don't need another one.

so i shall say, go and languish in the beauty of the gardens, the house long gone, but there is sufficient grandeur left. go for the afternoon, take a blanket, lie with a lover on the grassy terraces and act out your Lady Mary/ Matthew Crawley fantasies.

Or Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy, Jayne Eyre and Mr Rochester

or any other tall dark brooding arrogant aristocrat / feisty society lady with ample bosom


Becca said...

Yes sorry about the whole marquee on the lawn thing. Shame isn't it?

Photos are lovely Miss P.

Holiday next week. SO excited (Jane....lets confirm plans....)

Unknown said...

Photos are lovely!
Could it be without ample bosom? I would have to stuff with tissue if it remains ample. I don't think Elizabeth Bennett would do that. Did Lady Mary though? Hmmm. Perhaps there is hope.

(the other Becca)

flwrjane said...

Becca!!! I was just thinking about your holidays.

V. excited to meet in whatever American movie you will be starring in at that moment.

Miss P., what beautiful gardens. What beautiful photos.

Can't you smuggle
yourself over in Becca's bag?

Oh ample bosom and all that...

xo jane

Becca said...

Jane, will email you (hoping I can find your address). Thinking perhaps I will be doing Legally Blonde 2. Already have my Jackie outfit for the cape, thinking could recycle it for Washington. Hope I do not sit on my Jackie sunglasses between Martha's (is that what the hip people call it or have I made it up?) and you.

I have been practicing my Boawstun accent all week.

flwrjane said...

The Vineyard, Becca, we just call it the Vineyard.

Much ado about Pippa's visit.

Will you be receiving same press overage?