Wedding bells just turn to rust


Sometimes the happy ever after doesn't transpire.

amongst a million other things, this weekend we are doing flowers for a divorce party.

It's being jointly hosted by the now divorced couple.

"Better to go out with a bang" said they "we are celebrating the fact that we don't make each other miserable any more"

This is sort of thing that my grandmother would describe as "very modern"

I think it's brilliant.

and i have lots of orchids in

which is odd and nice all at the same time.

also Beautiful South.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

Some people will do ANYTHING to have a party! Great Flowdies! : )

Jenny Rudd said...

Great story. Love it x

Mrs T-J said...

I feel like a pooper and very old fashioned about that. hmmm to me that's just plain odd but I do like how very different we all are. xxx

p.s from the one who went back for a second go..... I know, you see all different, its all good.

Brigit Hegarty said...

I think this is great, why not celebrate, convention is boring!Really love your ideas and work, it's beautiful photography and a funny read too!