A Sunday


Playing around trying to make a new blog header, with the spoils of a walking in fields.

It wasn't really working, due to flowers and camera in one place, and wide angle lens in another.
so into a jug on the table instead.I know the berries are hawthorne and rosehips, but it looks quite Christmassy to me. I have been thinking about Christmas a lot.

and an autumnal stew, fry chorizo in a little oil or coconut oil, which as it turns out isn't actually an oil,  until you have a slick of paprika spiced jus.
add a chopped red onion, and some garlic and soften.
add some rip tomatoes and a tin of canellini beans.
cook for a bit
add a handful of spinach
cook for a bit longer
sprinkle with chopped herbs and the zest of a lemon.
Feel really healthy and virtuous.

also The Hound has a jumper from Redhound for dogs. Bespoke. He loves it.

and a chance to read a new to me magazine.

Was yours as fun?


Tracy x said...

beautiful jumper
lucky hound
t x

newmagoo said...

chorizo and cannelini beans and whateverelseisinthebottomofthefridgeatthetime is my standard meal at this time of year.

Either that or paprika on everything.

Unknown said...

Grub sounds perfect autumn comfort.
Hound looks a dream. In a David Niven kind of way. X

Mrs Beard said...

Can we just discuss the pink heart-shaped casserole?

I am green with envy.

And the jumper! I want one...

Jo Crisp said...

I'm coveting your books...

Mrs T-J said...

Suits you sir! Loving the jumper hound, Radders wants one with spots on he says! xxx

Connie in Hartwood said...

Hounds must have new jumpers, especially as the weather begins to chill. Such a sweetheart.