and all the lights are changing red to green

Take several terracotta pots
take the same number of plants, mini cyclamen, mind your own business, hyacinth bulbs and such like.
Place plant in pot
Line up

If it's for fancy times add a runner and log slices

the log slices almost hide the fact that the runner needs ironing.

I used 19 mini cyclamen and 8 mind your own business.

There would have been 20 mini cyclamen but somebody came in and bought number 20.

I have been working on Christmas things for various magazines, and have spent much of the week covered in glitter

a small child came in "you are all glittery, are you a princess?"

It makes a nice change from being asked if i am a pirate.

also Babylon


cara said...

You're a pirate princess. Both the best kind of princess and the best kind of pirate.

cara said...

And David Gray! I'd forgotten about David Gray. White Ladder was one of my best albums ever. Nye hates it though so I only ever listen to it in private. Like right now.

Mammamsterdam said...

Jeeny of the Pirates, that's it. Mmnh, no, she was covered in blood, not glitter. Better think of something else.