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I love old media
especially The Times society pages.
I'm that sort of girl.
so to get a mention in the write up of this wedding was so wonderful. Thank you.
Cathy and Danny's wedding was beautiful.

and then the You and Your Wedding piece, it looks so lovely.
You remember back in June, when they came to shadow me doing Amanda and Simon's wedding.
a lot has changed since then.
and The Hound is in it too.
well done Julia and Tori.
still regretting the outfit choice
and for the record, i know that's not a majolica, i didn't do that bit.

and i know you can't read it from my images, go and buy the magazine.

and I have added new pages to the website. not finished yet, there was a point when it looked amazing, and then i forgot to press save and i have to reload all the images.........

also i am changing the blog. Tomorrow it will look different. There will be big images, like the cool kids.

Don't revolt. It may take a while to get back to looking normal, I am freaking out about pressing the apply changes button.

also Emeli Sande


Dave said...

Nice hound pic in the flowery mag. He looks so alert! Was a meaty bribe involved?

Mrs Beard said...

I wasn't going to buy any more pink and white magazines but now I will!