this is a message that's been recorded especially for you

This week I have been mainly cooking stir-fry.

Not terribly authentic, but incredibly tasty and warming and comforting.

Anything with a Chinese lady on the bottle works for me, and my wok is old and truly "seasoned" anything you cook in it tastes oriental. Fry the belly pork on a high heat until crispy, remove, drain the fat off and chuck everything else in in order of firmness. replace pork, splash over some sauces.

Fresh water chestnuts have replaced capers as my new obsession.

and King Oyster mushrooms, although when i got to the till these 3 cost me £4.76. Yikes.

All of these things were bought in Morrisons, it has had a makeover, and sells better things than Waitrose now.

They had 7 different varieties of aubergine.

Did you too make thorough use of the extra hour in bed?

Did you see week 2 of the floral coalition? The brief was happiness, Pandora's box if ever there was one, i went shallow.

and much love to all in the Caribbean, the east coast and wherever else the wretched hurricane is headed.

and Curiosity killed the cat


Mother Hen said...

Must be telepathy as I have been stir frying too, scrumptious with masses of veg, tonight is with scallops. I do however now need to replenish "Chinese lady" bottles as the last of the Shaohsing rice wine is used, a trip to the Chinese supermarket may be on the radar but not this weekend, there are far more exciting trips in prospect are there not? xxx

flwrjane said...

We also have been big on replicating, to the best of our sorry abilities, Thai and Vietnamese at home.

I have finally bought a wok and wish I could send it to you for seasoning.

But we have a little time on our hand today and as soon as we move our 30ft. tree out of our neighbor's yard, we'll be at the stove.

great minds.

xo J.