Mr and Mrs Beard got married


and London Wedding Photographers Cara and Nye were there to capture it all.

Happy days.

Mrs Beard has written a guest blog post for us on honeymooning in Paris.

Coming up later in the week.

How are you all?  Presents purchased? Bird ordered?

We haven't done Christmas at home, but The Mother Hen has done enough for everybody.

You can pop over to the London Wedding Photographers blog to see the rest of the wedding.

In other news i have worked out how to increase the font size. Finally. I haven't time to do it now, but in the New Year. We'll call it a blog redesign, and jump on the bandwagon.


Becca said...

I was SO excited to see this. Finally.

Anyway (I digress), Mrs Beard (even though I know your real name now) you look amazing. So happy. Many congratulations. Love the couple shots. Love all of them. You're so lucky!

As an aside, from one NW to B2B, any hints and tips? Ideally ones that start "you should have a bacon sandwich and drink champagne".

Mrs Beard (officially) said...

Miss P - you rock, obviously. Look at your creations! So beautiful.

Becca - thank you! It was a lovely day and now I have a brilliant hairy husband.

My main tips would be to relax as much as possible, remember patience is a virtue (things will go wrong, oh well, you won't care) and to get a big napkin to cover your dress at the meal....also, to dance your socks off. It's tricky in a frock of traditonal proportions but it's the only time you'll know EVERYONE on the dancefloor and they won't care if you trip them up.

kim said...

Beautiful! Saw a seed packet table center that read Roudabush's Wilmington N.C...and almost dropped the mac because of course that's where I live and the old Roudabush building has been converted to a charming local wedding venue-felt like I was there- have been following the blog for years- love your work.Mrs. Beard makes a lovely bride and I'm looking forward to future "guest" blogging from her.