I knew you were trouble when you walked in

A weekend of delicious hibernation.
I have discovered you can rent films from i-tunes, and there is a whole section on documentary films.
Fact is so much better and far more obscure than fiction.
and I have stumbled upon a wonderful blog that is neither floral, nor wedding, nor hound.
It's so easy to get bogged down reading blogs within your own industry, comparisons made, and generally leaving you feeling inept or jaded.
or just looking for dogs.
and this
and The Hound played in the snow.
off the lead, i have decided that losing him is preferable to him pulling me over on the ice. Which has happened twice now.....
and flowering bulbs are my current drug of choice.
This week sees the installation of the Valentine's window, and a little photo shoot.
for which I am going to need a few good men.
Volunteers please.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

Wonderful photos! I love the look of absolute joy on the hound's face. I am still smiling. : )

Becca said...

Surely you just get a sense of superiority when you read other blogs?

Except Jane's obviously.

Amy S. said...

Argh, that song is already so stuck in my head! Have you seen the cover by Walk Off the Earth?

I wouldn't worry too much about the competition. No one combines dry wit, flowers and cunning photos of the Hound the way you do.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Don't miss The Queen of Versailles - fits your documentary description perfectly.

flwrjane said...

Becca took the words out of my mouth, except for the reference to Moi of course.

I love Suri and her burn book, she's like a little Miss P.

Now I'll go to sleep smiling.

O happy hound.

xo jane

Mrs Beard said...

Damn you. I have been reading Suri's Burn Book backwards since you linked to it.

I have lost two days of my life.