The winter blues

I want to sit on a terrace shaded by flowering honeysuckle
eating ripe peaches
with slices of prosciutto
and perhaps walnuts
and picos blue

I'm over it being cold and bloody "seasonal"
and people saying things like "there's no such thing as cold, just inadequate clothing"

The lily of the valley are helping
but i always forget I'm allergic to hellebore.

The move to Beverly Hills is back on. I bet you never have to wear 6 tops, 3 dresses, and 2 pairs of socks there.


Becca said...

Can we freeze some of the Lily of the Valley until June?

Anonymous said...

Count me in. Beautiful flowers and Hound. Do you think it's all 'Real Housewives' there?

sactovlr said...

Ugh...Beverly Hills....you have to deal with all those Kardashians! Weather here in Northern California has been a bit 'cold' for us...low 60s but mostly beautiful sunshine...Skiing is great in Tahoe....spring/summer clothes are already in at the 'malls'...