Within these walls of grey

There is a school reunion this summer, June 28th this year girls.

This year is a big number, too big. I feel old.

We have recently been asked to proffer information on what we are now doing. Which is enough to bring out ALL your insecurities. Especially when you were at an all girls' school.

If you look at the alumni section of the girls' and boys' school, there is former Mayor of London, former Chief of staff, first female red arrows pilot, Emmy award winning actress.......

I work in a flower shop, half a mile from school.

I'm going to claim to have invented post-its.

these photographs are of our actual school, from 1904, 1905, 1925.

I am NOT in any of these pictures, the number isn't that big.


Mother Hen said...

You do own said flower shop though and have had many exciting adventures and very interesting, varied jobs before coming "home", no need to feel insecure at all, it would make everyone quite dizzy if you listed it all darling girl. Also who else could wear a black eye patch with such aplomb? xxx

Becca said...

I love Romy and Michelle's high school reunion. We have a kind of one every year at Christmas (small town, everyone goes home, all girls school). A few years ago it was all about getting married. Now its babies. Screaming "I have a CAREER now I NEED TO FILL THE VOID INSIDE ME WITH FRIED CHICKEN" was not my finest hour. The invitations to attend have stopped coming.

Also....in amongst the red arrows pilot, the mayor...there will be a million people that LOATHE their jobs and the fact they've not seen natural daylight for years. These people aren't happy. These people don't have HERONS in their window (they probably don't have a window) and a DOG that is a CELEBRITY.

Stephanie said...

Don't be fazed by other people's talk of grandness. You sound like an amazing woman, all creative, funny and full on wonderfulness. And cool. Most people are none of these things. Don't be intimidated, just be yourself and try to have a great time. If you're made to feel awful, just leave. Simple!

flwrjane said...

Oh they're probably whispering amongst themselves about your international fame and celebrity dog indeed.

Your Valentine windows alone are worth the price of admission.

I'm sure your were a star then and am an even bigger star now.

Emmy award winning florist.

xo From one of your crazed American fans.

Sue A said...

I agree with all of the above, esp. re stuffed heron and equally celebrated Hound (sorry if I fussed over him too much last time I stopped by, will buy flowers next time). Red arrows pilot? pass the sick bag. You have amazing talent, creativity, writing and photographic gifts and your cooking looks pretty damn good too. Don't ever doubt yourself, please, ever. As a non-shop owning loser of an attempted florist, I am forever envious!

Jenny Rudd said...

have you had your letter already? I haven't got it yet but I am desperate to stay in the UK long enough to come. Claire Lukies emailed recently and suggested we all stay overnight and get sloshed. I'm looking forward to showing everyone my mayoral, erm, necklace thingy and thought it would go well with my commemorative red flying suit. You had BETTER be going it will be ace. No one gives a shit about competitive careers, and if they do they can wax lyrical about their own while the rest of us nudge each other, snigger and throw back the wine. Gladys came to the last one and Charlotte Gowers commended her on her 'tribal' necklace. Not sure if that was what Gladys was channeling. See you there Miss Pickering x

Dave said...

What it must be to have warm, or even ambivalent, feelings about one's old school.

If I ever return to mine, it will be with petrol, matches, and a balaclava.