Driving Miss Daisy

There has been too much death today.

Too many people trying to find the right words to write on a card.

"What do I say?" "What do people normally say in these circumstances?"

all the standard things sound like greetings cards from a £1 shop.

I always say to share a memory, I think it's better than "in deepest sympathy"

invariably they cry remembering a funny incident or a holiday or a drunken Christmas

and then i feel bad.

It's a terribly British thing to hide ones feelings behind stock phrases.

Not a very jolly blog post this one is it?

Life isn't all rainbows and butterflies in a flower shop.

The flower is feverfew, invented for florists so that when brides ask for daises you don't have to use those wretched xanths.


Anonymous said...

i love feverfew, people who like their gardens come in and are disgusted that i sell a weed - you just can't please everyone! completely agree about the use with brides, so much softer and refined

FlowerGirl26 said...

I love feverfew. Combined with scented roses, I think they smell like apples.

Julia P. said...

I like your post today - cause life's like that...hatched matched ...and dispatched :(

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Flowers for a funeral are a message, they don't need words, just your name.
To send a message, write a letter. If you have not been bereaved you cannot know the comfort given by even the shortest, most formal letter.

CLH said...

Lovely feverfew. "It grows about farmers' yards. ... it is to be given in tea, and it is excellent against hysteric disorders" Dr John Hill, Family Herbal,1820. Weed, forsooth!

Mrs T-J said...

I love today's post. The Yin and Yang of life. I totally agree a shared memory or something you particular remember about the person is so much more comforting than the stock messages of condolence. I also think a letter or an appropriate poem, carefully chosen is also good.xxx

Mrs Beard said...

What a lovely post, nowhere is constantly jolly and you help people through a very difficult time.

I'm not a daisy fan, but Mr Beard would love those flowers.

Rose said...

Don't feel bad about letting someone who is bereaved share a memory with you: it's tremendously kind of you to take the time to listen and I'm sure they appreciate it.

Martin & the Magpie said...

lovely, lovely post,...feverfew and spring flowers..one of our faves..x