'cause if you liked it

then you shoulda put a bulb in it.

Sometimes to justify keeping stuff you have to find another use for it.

You can fill anything with bulbs, except vintage dresses that you've never worn because they don't suit you, and are too big anyway
they really do need to go to the charity shop.

This weekend The Sunday Times voted this town the best place to live in all of Britain.

perhaps they too have heard of the presence of the machine you stand on and walk away with thighs of steel like Beyonce. 

I'll report back.


Mandy Parker said...

Good advice1 Use it or Lose it..or Plant in it!
I use all manner of vessels to plant bulbs, and arrange flowers in, its fun, and DOES get rid of my hoard of 'stuff'...not Vintage dresses though, cant keep the water in!


Tracy x said...

this machine you speak of sounds intriguing...
i await your verdict on just how much of a miracle it can perform before i throw my suitcase in the car...
t x

Becca said...

Do you mean a power plate?

It makes your nose itch and don't go if you have a cold because it gets really messy.

Jane....where are you?

Mrs Beard said...

I am slightly in love with the tin.

Power Plate - this only works if you starve yourself all day and then do 2 hours of aerobics afterwards.

Mr Beard and I were ahead of the times living in Stamford, clearly. I am sure you too chuckled at the Times picture caption 'snob-free Lincolnshire town'. Fnar.