Lately and in no particular order

Sort of almost? perhaps?, maybe? feels like Spring?

There has been sunshine, there has been activity au jardin, but also this morning a frost.


and i have joined the Instagram, i have no idea how to link to it, but the username to follow is @misspickering

I know what you are thinking,"you barely have a grasp on your recent technological acquisitions without throwing an iphone and ANOTHER social media app into the mix too"

I promise not to tweet the links with 50 hashtags, Facebook the images, and then blog them too, because I know that is super annoying. I was going to make a joke and hashtag iphoneonly nofilter FLOWERS but i don't know where the hashtag key is on my new Mac.

Such fun.


Mrs Beard said...

I don't normally like daffs all that much but you have made them look appealing, obvs.

And I am glad it arrived, sorry it's so late x

Annabel said...

hahaha! Love that you are on instagram now ;))

#thatisgreat #isntit? #macbookproonly #sendingthisfrommyhotelroom #itsraining

Sprout said...

Welcome to the world of Instagram—can't wait to follow.

Fabulous Flora said...

alt and 3! had problems finding it too!

simon stirling said...

love your photos - do you take these yourself? I'll follow on Instagram too!