Still having a dalliance with yellow, to the delight of most but the chagrin of others.

and lily of the valley which delights everybody. Ever.

How can such a little flower be so captivating? Is it nostalgia? A reminder of our grandmothers?

and we need a new blog header, i for one am sick of the sight of this one, do you have a preference for the next? Something softer, if i'm going to have to stand on a chair again, might as well get it right.

for people who like the weddings, did you see this in The Telegraph? Constance dipping flowers in whitewash, she was the Bornay of her day.

and i can't stop watching this, one because i want one, but also just because i love a behind the scenes video and Diane Kruger's hair.


Erin said...

You're killing me with the yellow combos lately! I'm always so nervous using it as a palette but now I see the light. Thank you!

Joan -BORNAY- said...

Hi Miss Pickering! We have just read this post! You have touched us deeply! Thank you very much for this reference on us. xxx Joan