Don't you forget about me

There is a bit missing, the bit where i forgot the rhubarb was in the oven, and burnt it.

Not fully burnt just heavily caramelised the edges, but enough to rifle through the cupboards in search of a tin of fruit to add to the spoonful of rhubarb left.

No tins of fruit, no jars of weird peaches in honey.

but i did find a jar of stem ginger in syrup which added the necessary hydration, and sweetness.

and a tin of cardamon flavoured evaporated milk which the sell by date said 2006, but it was fine.

The crumble topping was a paleo inspired, ground almond, and coconut oil with the last of a packet of walnuts.

Overall it was a crumble with eastern promise, which exactly what i had planned......

Winging it at the very last minute,

I think this is why so many florists seem to be good cooks.

Simple Minds


delovelyish said...

A crumble with eastern promise. Brilliant.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Most innovative Miss P.

Cardamom flavoured evaporated milk? Yum!xxx