Is it on the trolley?

Of all the things i have acquired in the name of shop fittings, I think this ex-Red Cross trolley is going to be one of the best.

I love the stainless steel shelves, but the frame could do with a respray.

What colour?

I am leaning towards chartreuse, or neon orange.

It was whilst pushing it back to the shop that somebody shouted "is it on the trolley?" and i replied with "it's got good castors, been right over to cutlery"

Victoria Wood

It probably doesn't translate.

but it is awfully reminiscent of somewhere...

The viburnum opulus i cut from the garden, some pieces were 5ft tall. Who needs a Dutchman?

The answer to that is anybody who wants to make anything with any scale or consistency.

One for the florists.

In other news a new window is in, an homage to Liberace or "where the hell am i supposed to out all these candelabra and china swans?"


Sue A said...

A highly covetable trolley if I may say so. Orange?

Mrs Beard said...

Whatever you spray it (chartreuse) make sure you leave that sweet little Red Cross label on it!

Girlfromtheriver said...

Dear Miss Pickering. I was on the website of The White Company and noticed that they have opened a new shop in Stamford. I thought, 'Stamford, where is that?' Cue Google maps and then street view down the high street. What did I see? Your shop! I said, 'Oh! That's Miss Pickering! That's where she is!' What a lovely little shop it is. Beautiful blog and website. One day, when I'm up there, I'll pop in and see the real thing.