Lately and in no particular order

Espresso shots: 127
Diet cokes: 27
Number of Miss Pickerings it took to do one of the weddings: 2
Times i thought The Hound was on deaths door: 4
Times he disproved this by digging massive holes in the garden and generally being puppy like: 7
Flowergirls I wanted to steal: 2
Vases acquired for clients: 9
Fashion crises: 3
Emails to reply to after being offline: too many
Points scored by McLaren in the Canadian Grand Prix: 0
Brilliant videos found on youtube: 1
Magazines and books bought: 4
Magazines and books read: 0
Carbohydrate comas caused by eating all the garlic bread in the world: 1


flwrjane said...

I'm ready to blow this pop stand.

Are you ready for an assistant?

I can't make buttonholes but I can brew espresso.

xo J.

P.S. Beautiful photos.

P.P.S. and flowers natch

Mrs Beard said...

Only 3 fashion crises...that is pretty good going.

...and...woah...those wedding flowers are amazing.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Aw, poorly houndy Hound! Hope he's on the mend- it's rotten when they are ill.

In other news- that honeysuckle is just incredible. I bet it smelt like heaven. xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Wow the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever, ever seen. Not worthy! xxx

Sue A said...

Fabulous flowers as ever. I can bring Lavazza and make buttonholes, should you need an under-assistant....I know what you mean about Himself, my dogs regularly do 'dog at death's door' and then start scampering around the minute I mention going to the vets. Funny that.

Erin said...

Sending sprightly Hound thoughts your way. Poor fella; poor Miss Pickering.