Smoke and mirrors

Web person : We have reports of spam from your website, please deal with this.
Miss P. : What? How? Where? How do i deal with it?
Web person: Spam is coming from www.misspickering.com
Miss P: *checks website sees advert for porn channel for men who like women with large breasts*
Miss P. : Clearly this is not me spamming people, rather i have been hacked, any suggestions on how i go about resolving this?
Web person: We can't verify it isn't you, we have suspended your account.
Miss P. : I can assure it isn't, I pedal products of a floral not pornographic nature

3 hours pass

Web person: You are correct the spam is coming from a file attached to your website
Miss P. : and therefore i should.....?
Web person: You need to delete the files as a matter of urgency
Miss P. : Any idea on where these files are or how i delete them?
Web person: You need to delete the files
Miss P. How? How do i delete the files?
Web person: You need to delete the files
Miss P.: I appreciate i need to delete the files, but perhaps you give me some clue as to where these files are? Seeing as how you are the expert and all.
Web person: You just need to delete the files.

This morning the PDQ machine broke down, did you know there are many departments within the call in case of breakdown department. I spoke to 9 different ones.

Then a lady came in

"I would love your job, it must be so calming, getting to play with flowers all day"

If you need me I will be face down in a box of cream slices.


Kay said...

Today my wednesday girl chose a white chocolate and raspberry muffin to bury herself into after trying to get a refund on her c.c.after spotting an illegal transaction on it...whats a girl to do!!!

Jenny Debeaux said...

Oh, you poor girl!

Mrs T-J said...

Sympathy abound! Cream slices allowed and so are Tim Tams, must send you those xxx

Sue A said...

Oh my goodness, what a pain. If it helps, I received a letter from British Gas the other day, re the estate of my (obviously) late father, addressed to him and the opening sentence was 'We're sorry to see you go'. I had to laugh, then glanced further down the page to see "if you're thinking of coming back.....' Heigh ho.

Unknown said...

the joys of being a flower shop girl!

we all love that line 'you have such a lovely job' .....

love to you MissP from all the Spriggletts and hounds xx

Jeska Hearne said...

arghhh maybe I can feed my 'Trojan Horse' cream slices and it will stop blocking my site for PC users? :(

When my email was hacked I felt very violated!

I hope you have it all fixed now x

cara said...

Christ. Excellent pair of photos.