It's out there.

Vintage glass votives, gold eucalyptus, ilex, things to make your own things, ribbons, vases, foliages.

I have also made a fresh garland to decorate the front of the shop - pic to follow later in the week...

It's not the sort of thing one can bring in every night, and so it is clinging on through high winds, rain, drunks.

So far it's only assault is from middle aged women pulling at it to see how i have made it.


Lotte and Bloom said...

all looks gorgeous x

karenglitterpixie said...

love your swan vases where did you find such beauties?! x

flwrjane said...


Well all except the work soon to follow.

xo J

Mrs T-J said...

No one does Christmas Wreaths like Miss P. Looking forward to seeing those as I hang up my cheap plastic effort from the "Dollar Mart!" xxx

Mrs Beard said...

The shop is looking so marvellous, I am looking forward to a Christmastime pop-in. x