You magazine

Here it is, all 5 pages.
On how to decorate your home for Christmas.

I like being involved in articles that show people how to do things, how to have a go, not be scared of flowers. People can be scared of flowers, i blame those wretched "flower arranging" classes, the 3's the 5's, the triangles, the bridges. It's important to remember that whatever you make will eventually die, we aren't sculpting statues out of bronze, if you make a mistake or don't like what you did, it isn't going to be around for hundreds of years to haunt you and your ancestors.

Give it a go

In reality, it takes an army to make 5 pages of editorial.

Firstly you need a florist and a hound, a pretty hound with an inflated ego if you have one.

Then you need a team from a magazine, Clare Nolan and her assistant, Nicole Grey.

A photographer Brent Darby  and his assistant Kristy .

and then you are going to need a pub so that you can hijack their fireplace, a turkish restaurant who will let you bang a nail into their freshly painted door, a very talented former bride who will do typography on your shop boards.

and most importantly friends, family, lovers and customers who will listen to your endless insecurities and stressful rants, and still love you.

Reaction to the article has been quite wonderful, emails and telephone calls from lovely people.

In other news the next flower school date is being sent out to those on the mailing list on Friday....


Shelley said...

Where have I been? Blonde hair: gone. Eye patch: gone. What a lovely smile you have Miss P.

Mother Hen said...

Proud xxx

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you

mary in maryland

Mrs Beard said...

Ah the Hound, so cool he won't even smize. So full of ennui.

You look perfect, edgier, as discussed.

The shop and The Norris looking fully festive. Excellent work all round.

Will hopefully catch you over Christmas x

Julia said...

AW, a hearty congratulations to you and the Hound. Beautiful layout. Really do love your site. You are such a creative, insightful word-smith and decorator.

Flower Delivery to Pune said...

Nice post Miss p like it as usual.

Mrs T-J said...

Fabulous and so modest as ever Miss P, your talents leave us mere mortals truly agog! xxx