In the shop

White and green on the shelves, a lot of moss, and some alstro.

Controversial i know but i am on a mission to try new things.

I am also on a mission to come up with a new Valentine's day campaign.

So far my idea has been vetoed.



Lotte and Bloom said...

alstro! i'm a fan, as you know. all these with the new tripod? lookin' good x

Jen said...

The green and white is fresh and beautiful. Wish I could visit. I loved your "Hello Sailor" from a couple of years ago.

Tracy x said...

i cannot wait for your valentine's campaign
stuff of legends ::)
t x

Mrs T-J said...

Was your idea for Valentines deemed too racy for the sensibilities of the Shires? I am quite sure it will be left field and brilliant as ever! xxx

Mrs T-J said...

PS Have you gone all Aussie shortening alstromeria to alstro? xxx

Sue A said...

Gorgeous as ever; loving the dogs looking slightly nervous below the planted bowls. Happy New Year, good luck with the Valentines campaign.. Hello Sailor was just awesome, difficult to top, no?

megan said...

I'm fond alstro all by itself with most of the leaves left on. Can't figure out how to make it look quite right with other flowers though.