Old school

I made this head dress last summer for Charlotte. 
Charlotte and Harry came to see me around the same time i acquired the big book of tiara's.
Do you remember? when i was harping on about splendour
and Charlotte said she fancied something Edwardian
and I got terribly excited and waved my arms in the air and bought spray paint and an awful lot of very very fine wires, scented geranium leaves, delphinium flowers, lily of the valley and cyclamen heads. A return to old school floristry. 

She wore it with such aplomb.

The photograph above is by the very wonderful team at M & J photos their wedding photographers.

You can see more of this wedding on Love My Dress.

I love all the huge headdresses that you see on collaborative shoots, but in the words of Vivian.

"Come on Barney, you and me live in the real world - most of the time"

Name that film.

I think i could still recite the entire script word for word.

My skills, some useful, some not so much.


FlowerGirl26 said...

Pretty Woman. What else?

Mother Hen said...

Oh no, more genes, it was on TV recently and I too recited many lines. The Captain did not appear to be amused xxx

Amy S. said...

That headdress is so beautiful. So beautiful.

Erin said...

Pretty Woman.

Sue A said...

Beyond exquisite.