Quando sono arrivato a Roma a ventisei anni

Last night I watched this film, and immediately wanted to move back to Italy.

Mainly for the roof terrace.

If you like films that are achingly beautiful, dark, observational, make judgements on the Vatican, feature a hefty amount of hedonism, good tailoring, a cracking soundtrack, and papal candidates giving out recipes for Ligurian rabbit.

you should definitely watch it.

Don't watch it if you like films with Bruce Willis or Steven Seagal in them.


flwrjane said...

I have just watched the trailer.

Now i must see the movie.

wish i could have watched it with you.

xo J

Mrs T-J said...

Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis? Who they?

The Railway Man is my film of the moment the only bug bear is that Nicole Kidman can no longer move any of her facial muscles, none whatsoever. She conveys her emotion with a range of stares into the lens which vary with intensity appropriate to the emotion and a little bit of liquid glycerine here and there. Anyway I digress I will look out for this film, it has not winged its way here yet. xxx

Mrs Beard said...

I am not sure the Willis / Seagal crowd are your blog's demographic.