This much i know - the Valentine's Special

I thought this post would be a tale of hapless men, of last minute requests, of dozens of red.

I was wrong.

This year men surprised me with their organisation, their charm and wit, and their readiness to submit to my ideas and not order a dozen red. Admittedly I had to beat a few into submission, but all in the name of romance.

laden down they skipped off into the pouring rain, some to cook supper, others out to dinner, quite a few with the box set of House of cards, and some who clearly had much better ideas for the kitchen table.

The following morning a few came in with their tails between their legs

She said not to bother with Valentine's Day, so I didn't, and now she won't talk to me.

and then the ladies came in

the flowers were beautiful, i bet he forgot and called you at the very last minute

it requires no effort on his part, you know what i like, you make it too easy for him.

Men have the capacity to be romantic if only women would let them.

If you are thinking that with all this insight into the male psyche, my love life is all rainbows and butterflies.

For sure (t- 22 days) you are a fool.

and the above photographs have absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's, i didn't take any photographs of a perfectly styled shop with me wistfully playing with rankels.

The reality was me knee deep in leaves, eating all the Easter chocolate, and fighting back tears of pain from my left shoulder.


I need a fancier job title.

Next up Mothering Sunday 30th March, put in your diary.

There are at least 5 private jokes contained within this post. 


Laura said...

The arrangement in the last shot is divine... They all are, but that one takes the prize!

petoskystone said...

Hope that your shoulder heals soonest!

flwrjane said...

Might want to be careful of that sore shoulder...

Mine's being operated on tomorrow.

What a glamorous life we live, no?

xo J

Becca said...

The mind boggles. Party central over here too. And by that I mean that I had three M & S bubbly bunnies one after the other. Like shots.

Only not.

Mrs Beard said...

We don't 'do' Valentines. Load of old tosh.

Except this year he secretly hand carved and painted me wooden hearts and hung them up in the house and we had bubbles.

Secret Squirrel.

Look after your shoulder madam.

a breath of fresh air said...

What a happy stumble across your blog Miss Pickering. Gorgeous photo's oh to have a shop like yours near me. Hope the shoulder is on the mend.

Caro said...

Do hope the shoulder is on the mend. What we put our bodies through for the sake of work (Tori's is her neck from the camera's). We don't do valentine as my birthday is just before but the old romantic surprised me with a holiday as my birthday present so was still on a high on the 14th. So good to hear you are educating the men do feel this message needs to be heard by many of them. A dozen rose bushes planted in the garden gorgeous, a dozen red roses in a bouquet shows no thought or love.
Hope the lesson has been learnt for husband & sons for Mother's Day! Lovely photo's wish I was nearer I might have got him some flowers for valentines day!