I love them, the scent of the leaves evoking memories of dusky evenings on the Mediterranean. You remember the one, the terrace, the view, the happiness.

They are my foliage of choice in buttonholes, the shape and ruffle of the leaves perfectly framing a flower.

Isn't this all a bit too summery, shouldn't you be rejoicing and rolling around in narcissus and hellebore?

I should be, but I am allergic to both and would quite like my face not to feel like it is on fire for one day.

hashtag florist problems.

It is the first of the season this weekend, Ron is back, HAM is quickest, coverage starts at 4.30am on Sunday.


Jen said...

I love the way you connected the geranium leaves with the sea creatures. Have you ever read Andrea Barrett's books? I don't know your taste in reading but you might like Ship Fever. I'm reading her new collection of stories Archangel, and there's a scene with two young ladies collecting sea anemones, etc (in 1876) that your pictures made me think of.

Jeska said...

They are so pretty and vibrant, love how you have photographed them too.

Mine have surprisingly survived outdoors since last summer, Slugs tried to kill them, caterpillars munched them and our winter storms took a windy salty shot at them too, but they are standing tall and all ready to bloom some time soon x