My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundations

and I know that i should let go, but I can't.

Kate Nash

On the radio this morning.

We are preparing for Mothering Sunday (30th March)

Potting up pots with hellebores, and scabious and herbs and black grass.

and after my plea for some babies to balance out all the death, people have obliged. Oh my what beautiful babies they have had, especially Martha.

combined with all the loveliness this morning of children dressed for World Book day, it could make a girl quite broody.

The Hound refused point blank to dress up, and has gone as Pilot off of Jane Eyre.

and then this morning Chloe (Caught the Light) Browne tweeted a link to this, I love the idea and might give it a go on the old instagram, if i can pluck up the courage. I shall pounce on unsuspecting customers, i might do a few, maybe write a book.

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