In the shop

The flowers have changed.

It is late Spring early summer now.

The hyacinths and bulbs seem out of place, only a few varieties of tulips remain, the parrots though, the best ones, and suddenly everything is taller, and i need new vases . I always need new vases.

At the weekend The Americans came, and Lotte came down from Glasgow and we talked of flowers, and ate asparagus pizza. It was all rather wonderful.

and now The Hound, i have photographed him, so that you can see he is absolutely fine, but the little darling has developed an auto-immune disorder Symmetrical Lupoid Onchodystrophy if you would like the fancy name. I know quite a few of you are hound people, and just wondered if any of you have  any experience in this matter? I have been on all the forums, but would love some more first hand experiences.

Murky buckets.


flwrjane said...

Heaps of lovely flowers you have there. And the shop is looking lovely, as is the Hound.

But then you were entertaining VIP's, no?

I want to be an American in England.

xo J

Mrs Beard said...

I cannot help with the Hound I'm afraid, but I hope he isn't feeling too poorly.

What are the nice green leaves to the left under the books?

I like the new blog banner, fresh and springy.