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Yesterday was spent Chez Naylor.

You'll remember Mr Naylor from that time we filled the shop with this delphinium in an attempt to show people what seasonal and local actually meant.

and people wanted lilies.

oh how we laughed cried.

he also grows sweet williams and peonies and alliums, and daffodils.

Of course this was years ago, and talk of british flowers has become de rigeur, and very trendy.

Personally i don't have the patience, or the time, i'd rather concentrate on arranging them and let the experts grow them.

But I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet and I didn't get into floristry to wait 7 years for a peony to yield 10 stems,

i got into it for the instant gratification.


Mother Hen said...

Loving Mr Naylor's delphs and guess what after just three years my peonies do indeed have buds, I am ecstatic, there will be images. The CCTV is focussed on that bed so no snipping Miss P, we know who you are xxxx

Hannah said...

I agree. The instant gratification is the best thing about this job. I suspect it heavily depends on the kind of business you run as to whether you can champion home-grown / british all the time. I have a whole host of brides with pretty specific colour requirements, a lot wanting peonies and hydrangeas (alongside garden style flowers and really interesting bits admittedly)and I'm not sure how I could work with the limits of using only british flowers (in the north east of england). I have a feeling that without the dutchies my business would disappear down the swanny. It's nice to grow odds and ends and clip foliage from the garden but knowing the effort required to grow flowers I doubt I'd be cutting many.

Beautiful Delphs.

Floworld said...

Your blog always, always stumps me with new information. Please keep us enlightened forever.

Mrs Beard said...

I got some delphs from Chelsea, they will purportedly grow to 6ft each which thrills me but not Mr Beard. I am v jealous of your trip to see a whole field full of them!