It is that time of year, I neglect everything bar the flowers.

and it seems as though my shop and inbox are full of people wanting career advice on how to be a florist.

"I really love flowers" they say

and my retort is normally "if only that were enough"

Is there an official line on a proper reply? Something inspiring without sounding like a grumpy old woman? but still making sure people know it isn't really like Instagram would have you believe?

and you might be waiting a very longtime for me to blog our latest weddings, so watch this beautiful film instead.


Mrs Beard said...

I really like flowers.

I have no desire whatsoever to be a florist, having some insight from you on the behind-the-scenes action.

But take heart that you have an enviable job, no one ever wants to do what I do. Even I don't.

Anonymous said...

The question for them would be - Do you love the flower BUSINESS?

Anonymous said...

Do you love very early starts? Unpredictable hours? Working every weekend through wedding season (you know, summer, when all your friends are at the beach), heavy lifting, scrubbing buckets, getting bleach and slime on your clothes, face and in your hair, shitty pay, little thanks, eating lunch with one hand while you fill vases with the other, chipped nails, cracked hands.....oh, you do!? Great! Welcome to 'playing with flowers'