School days

This morning i received the Old Girls' Guild newsletter. In it were images of the new home economics room. It looks like something from a tv studio, so very different to our day.

I wasn't very good at home economics, at the end of the Upper 4th i remember my teacher leaning over and saying

"I do hope i won't be seeing you next year"

Nice. She needn't have worried, there was no way Mother Hen was going to let me do cooking or drawing for G.C.S.E anyway, not when there was another science or language available xx This is an ongoing joke in my family, as well as the comment i made aged 8 when we were living in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales.

"I want to go to London, If i stay here all there is to do is marry a farmer and bake cakes all day"

Oh the sweet sweet irony of it all.

At school I could cook, i just had no interest in cooking the things in the SHS cookbook. Due to Ma Hen's interest in food and travel we grew up eating anything and everything. Except things like shepherds pie, which was the preserve of going to friends' houses for tea.

In the past i have worked for some great chefs and food companies.

It is A-Level results day, i think this is a sort of it doesn't matter what you do at school post.

It is also a flower school post, we are holding a table centre course in September. If you want to learn how to make something like the above details are being emailed to those on the mailing list on Sunday evening.

That is if i can work out mail chimp.

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Share my Garden said...

That was one bad teacher, Miss Pickering!
I went to the same school as Dame Diana Rigg and I remember her having to stand up before the whole school and told off by the headmistress for giving too much attention to acting and not enough to her academic studies. Eat you words, headmistress!
Your flowers are fabulous, and, Yorkshire Dales? Anywhere near to Coverdale?

Mrs T-J said...

Both pictures and words are utterly lovely. Your Ma Hen rreferences made me chuckle, I can just imagine!

The flowers look so sublime, unreal almost ethereal, you are so very clever xxx