The other side of the embroidery

On Saturday night Mr Naylor and I went to the cinema to see Chinese Puzzle Romain Duris AND Audrey Tatou. hashtag allthefrenchcliches. It is good.

In the film they make reference to life being like an embroidery. The first half is the front, the pretty picture, and the second half being the raw working side, less pretty but you understand how it all works.

And then last night we went to see Looking for light, a documentary about the photographer Jane Bown. In which she talks of a journalist who opened every interview with the same 3 questions. 1. What do you hope for? 2. Do you believe in god? 3. If today was your birthday what would you have for breakfast?

Something to think about.

The images are from Dartmouth, finally a chance to meet baby Martha, a rugby club BBQ with paella and pirates bringing freshly caught bass and mackerel in the sunshine with wine, and then gin on the deck, and a lunch by boat and more wine, raiding the deli and then a lunch at a vineyard, have the fritters.

"we don't live like this all the time" everybody chirped

I think they do.

and then back to land locked Rutland and some more mackerel. their sides slashed and their bellies stuffed with mint, garlic and lemon a la Marte Marie Fosberg.

I have to say i was a little sceptical of the cooked mint thing, i once had a disaster with roast chicken and mint. I'm all for raw mint added to dressings, salads, sauces but cooked is odd, but if it's good enough for Ms Fosberg. I went with a curly mint that has a more savoury flavour, predominantly because it was the one nearest the back door, and is least likely to to taste of extra chewing gum.

They were quite delicious, roasted in a very hot oven, because its less faff and smelly than char grilling and i didn't have a bbq or any rugby players on hand.

Served with roast tomatoes, everything is served with roast tomato at the moment.

and then you must watch The Lunchbox

"sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station"


Veronica Roth said...

You make me miss my ocean! Nooo, don't want to leave England for Vancouver yet...but will have to in a couple of weeks. Being landlocked is sometimes a pain, isn't it? And Oxfordshire is so far away from the ocean. Happily we are right beside the Thames and Windrush, so I guess you could say that, at some times of the year, we are very wet indeed. See, I knew we could use a boat round here. :D

Mrs T-J said...

My beautiful country! Stunning photos and food. Miss P ever since my "step" grandma referred to life as a tapestry when I was about 8 years old, I have always thought it to be so. She said every day you add a thread and at the end of each day you must think what colour that thread will be. If you are very lucky then there will be a good smattering of gold and not so many black ones. I have done this every night ever since, think about my day and what colour the thread or threads would be. My least favourite colour of all is Ohre, so crappy days are Ochre threads, not black ones. I like black, its forthright and decisive for me. Just thought I'd share. Much love xxx