Lately and in no particular order

I fell down the rabbit hole that is owning a puppy.

I have never been here before, it is filled with joyous choral angels and butterflies and you land softly on a bed of cashmere.

There have also been weddings, and a wonderful flower school and parties and some cooking.

I shall attempt to climb out of the hole and bring them to you.


flwrjane said...

Love is like that. Our friends always disappear for a while.

Must see these pictures have always made up for your understandable absence.

What a sweetie pie he is.

xo J

Amelia said...

Congratulations! He is precious. At times you think you're inconsolable and along comes a face like this. Can't wait to see more.

Felicia said...

Sweet as cake :)

dcom5 said...

What a darling little pup! He is just precious!!

Share my Garden said...

Oh, that pup, how glorious! I felt so sad for you on the loss of the Hound. Since the death of my beloved smooth fox terrier, Maisie, I keep looking at the fox terrier rescue site. They leave a great hole in your life but yours is now to be filled with so much delight. Congratulations, I'll be watching your blog to join in the fun and see how he grows.

Happy Homebird said...

Gorgeous. From a dog owner to another, they're always in your heart. The pup looks a character, he'll carry on the job perfectly x

Julia said...

Oh My! I am so very happy for you and the new pup. Very photogenic, or is it just the skilled photographer?