The fundamental things apply

as time goes by.

Life has changed, scrolling, swiping, an endless stream of controlled images with the odd butterfly filter to make us seem less rigid. "Look, I'm a real person! I'm just searching for approval behind this golden glow and naive animation"

Broadcasting, a most devout religion

the higher the number the closer to heaven.

Of course it's the parts of life that aren't being broadcast that are the most interesting. The parts that mould us, that change us, change our perspective on everything

that make us laugh, that make our hearts burst with sadness.

These parts of our life are the people and it is hard to share other peoples' lives, but perhaps they may be alluded to here.

Better here than tying it all up in a neat little bow and a sprinkling of P5?


Lara Page said...

This is so very true - social media is a powerful medium that can do incredible good but it's also cultivated a culture of falseness which doesn't represent anything real about life. We never really see the true person - everything is so endlessly filtered and edited and hashtagged - and while that might be OK for 'millennials', it gives nothing of real value to the rest of us!

Keep it real Miss P - that's why we love you!

PS: such a pleasure to meet you yesterday!

Avril said...

Welcome back.

Unknown said...

So good to have you back. Instagram is great but it doesn't capture your way with words in the same way. Your blog was always the best. Wish I was closer to attend your classes.

the veg artist said...

You have been missed.

Mother Hen said...

At last! Please can we have more?