Vintage roses

Today the shop is full of my favourite vintage roses in preparation for tomorrows wedding. The Hound and I have boogied to an eclectic mix of The Style Council, James Taylor, Elvis Costello and The Kinks.

Amnesia rose

Pepita rose

Old Dutch rose

Mimi Eden rose

Metallica rose

EDIT: Looking for images and inspiration regarding lovely vintage style roses to be used in a wedding? Then sit down pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey and flick through our blog, there are loads of them - we use them wherever and whenever we can.


Unknown said...

Found you by googling Amnesia Roses...agreed...a favorite. I am using them this weekend for designs for the bridal affair!
Would love to see photos of the interior of your shop sometime!
Have a fabulous rest of the week!

Miss Pickering said...

Yes Amnesia is rather a special rose. Good luck with your weekend.
Pictures of the shop coming today.