The way to a girl's heart....

Is obviously with flowers! (Although in my case being cooked for, comes a very close second) So it is not unusual for the phone to ring with a gentleman wanting to send flowers to his beloved. Some start the conversation with the words "I haven't done anything wrong - I just want to send her flowers" - a guilty conscience me thinks. Others are congratulating on the birth of their first child, a wedding anniversary or a birthday, They all have one thing in common, an inability to think of the message to accompany them. "No message" they say, "nothing at all?, not even your name or a kiss? How will she know who they are from?" I reply. "Well alright, then put a cross on it" and then with relief they very quickly proceed to the less embarrassing task of relaying credit card details.
It was then, a rather unusual occurrence today, when a very unembarrassed gentleman rang with the most romantic message I have ever heard, and embarrassing for me because I burst into tears. I must explain that I have been having one of those mornings, where everything seems to be against me, and was feeling rather emotional, and am not one of those fragile women who cry at anything.
So to all men I say don't be shy, speak from the heart and I will do my very best not to weep.

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